The standard size for mailbox signs is 6″ x 18″.  Sign blanks are made of .063 gauge aluminum which means they will not rust and are heavy enough not to be easily bent. Both the background and numbers are made of reflective vinyl (not painted) which also should last for many years. 

The sign blank and numbers should be of a contrasting color and both are available in all standard traffic colors including, red, brown, green, blue, yellow, orange and white. Numbers can be applied either vertically or horizontally and are usually applied to both sides. Numbers are available in either 3″ or 4″ sizes – Most of our customers use 3″ numbers.

The standard size for house signs is 5″ x 14″. The house signs are single sided which means background and numbers will be applied to only 1 side. All other specifications are the same as mailbox signs. House signs can be used when house sits less than 50 feet from roadway.

Possible Color Combinations

  • White Numbers on Green, Blue, Red or Brown Background
  • Green, Blue, Red or Brown Numbers on White or Yellow Background
  • Yellow Numbers on Green, Blue, Red or Brown Black Background