Can we take orders before buying the reflective markers??
Yes. We realize that the initial outlay may prevent some groups from initiating this project, but please be aware that it is much easier to sell the signs if you have some on hand to show your residents. People buy when they can see and feel the signs.

Is there a minimum number of markers that we must buy?
No. We prefer that you order a minimum of 25 markers, but we’ll accept any order for you to get started. Most customers start with 50-100 signs. Orders of 200-500 are also fairly common.

 How much should we charge for the signs?
Ask yourself, is it more important to get the markers up, or to make some money? We can tell you that most of our clients sell the signs from $15 to $25. We recommend selling the markers for $20. Everyone has a $20 bill in their pocket. Advertise on your Facebook Page!! Many customers have had great success on Facebook. Providing the signs for FREE and asking for DONATIONS to the Dept. will yield tremendous results, depending on your community awareness about the needs of your organization and what you do for them.

Are the numbers hard to apply to the blank?
Not at all. The numbers are peel and stick numbers, and we will supply you with reusable templates for aligning the numbers.

How soon will our markers be shipped after ordering?
Normally, we expect to ship your order via UPS that same day. Very rarely we may run into a temporary material shortage, but even in those rare instances orders are shipped within 1 to 2 weeks.

How do we order?
Call us at 1-800-344-0528, online at or send us an email at
We’ll make sure we have a good shipping and mailing address, a contact persons, along with a daytime phone # and email address.