The 911 Reflective Address Sign project requires no money in advance if you are a qualified service organization. The 911 signs come in various sizes, colors, designs, etc.  We will work with you to determine which best suits your wishes.  We have several promotional materials that we can assist you with.  We can make master copies of flyers (no charge), we have yard signs to advertise sign sales (no charge), we have many ideas from years of helping others promote 911 signs. If you want to make some money while making a difference in your community this is the program for you.  

Your cost depends on several factors. Most of our customers buy sign blanks from us along with packs of reflective numbers. They take orders and apply numbers to the signs themselves. We provide templates to align numbers for a professional appearance.  Sign blanks start at $7.50 each and we have discounts for orders of 100, 200, and 500. 

Numbers are confusing but only because we try to make it cost-efficient for you. Numbers are packaged in groups of 25 of the same number. We do this so you can order only the numbers that you need.   For your initial order you can order one of our package deals. We put these together to simplify initial number ordering.

Your total cost will usually be around $9.50 per finished sign based upon a 4 digit address with 3″ numbers. A suggested selling price of $15 or $20 makes a nice profit for your organization while making your community a safer place to live.